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When you give to IWL Foundation you give to practical solutions in getting diverse voices at the table. Leave your legacy and donate to IWL Foundation today.

Andrea Schwartz Opportunities for Positive Growth IWL Foundation Board Member

Your donation creates opportunities for individual women.

Making a donation to IWL Foundation is an investment in the futures of individual women in our communities. You are an important part of helping us achieve our vision of a community that inspires and empowers authentic, diverse, and inclusive leadership. With your funding support, IWL Foundation will expand impact throughout the nation hoping to reach 3,000 new women and men by 2020. We know what we do well and the impact we have had. The best way for us to continue with a high level of impact is to reach more people and organizations who need it. We are a resource, a connecter and a developer of people on a broad scale. We provide a platform for high-potentials to deliver content, engage in networking, and take ownership of their professional development and career advancement. Contribute as much or as little as you are able and be someone who says “yes, #igiveforwomen!”

Your gift will go to our persistent efforts to advance women in leadership roles – watch the video above to see why your donation matters.

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When you donate to IWL Foundation you forever become a member of The Golden Thread Society.

IWL WomenThe phrase Golden Thread has been used over the years to describe the magic that happens with the people involved in this special organization. Amazing women leaders come together through IWL with a shared passion for mentoring women and in time we all find ourselves describing the value of this organization in two simple words: the people. We’ve found the most value in the meaningful relationships – those formed over time, and those formed at unexpected events – and this Golden Thread connects us and continues to connect us through the twists and turns of work and life.

Women in our community who have participated in IWL Foundation events, on panels, committees, and boards form lasting friendships. We hear inspiring stories from those women about how they have grown as leaders by learning from each other, mentoring and building stronger networks. The magic of the Golden Thread is in the spark of a new connection and in the lasting relationship to follow, a relationship that otherwise could never have happened yet has changed a life forever.

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